Seasonal Nostalgia

Sep 3, 2012

It's happening again. Cooler nights, the shifting sun angle, a few tinges of color in the trees.

As I've said a thousand times, I'm sure, autumn is my favorite season. I think most folks from Northern New England would say the same.

Some day, I'm going to organize a ride, "Leaf Chasers", where we'll follow the season from Eastern Canada down to Northern New England, in the full sense of chasing, of course: pedaling and adult beverages (maybe some strong cider).

I'm also thinking of global autumn chasing: Wyoming, Colorado, Qu├ębec, New Hampshire, followed by Japan, New Zealand or Chile, Argentina. Will have to research austral autumns.

Meantime, come enjoy the cooler air with us next Saturday for our road cleanup on Flagstaff Mountain. We'll meet at 8am at the Brewing Market at Basemar.