Just Won't Die

Aug 19, 2012
I don't know about y'all, but I've been missing the fellowship of the Frenzy.

There have been flurries of activity, hacking attacks, and good-faith attempts at making the whole thing static. But as my Uncle Otto used to say, "Don't punch a moose that's kicking. And never, ever—no matter how much you might crave it—pickle an apple...or your wanker."

So, I spent another weekend rebuilding this rag, importing XML and WXR files and even manually copy-pasting old posts. The astute among you will notice that we're back on WordPress; but, despite the familiar old domain, we've moved to WP.com with a rather nifty, free theme named Origin.

As a result of the move, all custom post types have become categories, which in the end I think is much more elegant than the hackery I orchestrated with my last custom theme. So, now, it should be easy to find your favorite Dear Daves!

Both the posts and comments feeds should be the same.

So far, I'm digging WP.com! The "milestone" widget is wicked awesome. I'm using as the "Upcoming" feature in the sidebar (rides, cleanups, FACs...). I'm also a fan of responsive design.

Let me know what y'all think. Looking forward to saddling up with you again soon! How about Tuesday morning?