Straight, No Chaser

Mar 17, 2011

Great taps, but where the hell are the pickled eggs?

"Hey Dave, it's me, Steve. Yeah I made it! Rode my bike up Magnolia this morning, and now I'm on the upper trail at El-Rocko. The snow's great, man, and these new skis are really carving! You'd love it! That noise in the background? No, that's not a jukebox... your phone must be acting weird again. I told you I'm skate-skiing the... yes, please, I'll have another, but let's go with the IPA this time... upper trail at Eldora. I got up here in two hours flat today, and that on a road bike with a skippy chainring. You would've loved... no, put it on the company card again, thanks...the ride this morning. Beautiful sunrise! Well, gotta' run... I still have miles of track to cover. Ciao!" Right. Flag anyone? 2-2672 DU