In Crisco Veritas

Nov 12, 2010

Dear Dave,

My partner and I are having a rather nasty argument over something that really shouldn’t be all that contentious. We’ve both agreed that we’ll let you mediate for us and that we’ll abide by whatever you say.

Briefly, we’re having a large gathering for Thanksgiving, and we’ll be serving Atlantic salmon. My partner insists that all cold-water pelagic fishes should be accompanied with a very jazzy Nouveau Beaujolais. That’s just so gross, don’t you think?

I’m advocating something safe, like a mid-latitude California Riesling, preferably bottled in late 2007.

Please tell me I’m right.


Dying to Say I-Told-You-So in NoBo

Dear Dying to Say I-Told-You-So in NoBo,

This all depends on how you prepare the salmon. Will you be microwaving it or frying it in Crisco?

If you go with the microwave (set on “defrost” for about five hours), I’d stick with the Beaujolais (pronounced “Bo-jealous,” in case you’re curious).

The Crisco method cries out for something athletic, but not sweaty, like Blue Nun. California Riesling would work okay, I suppose, but be sure to have plenty of Pringles on hand… especially if Steve Bailey is on your guest list.

Hope I’ve helped,