Like a Jackson Pollack, But Not As Sloppy

Oct 18, 2010

Dear Dave,

What about those Buffaloes?

-Rah, Rah, Rah in Arvada

Dear Rah, Rah, Rah in Arvada,

Though I’m really not much of a jocksniffer, I have been watching the Buffs with keen interest this season. Not so much in the vein of sports, mind you, but as art.

I really dig the way they look on the field. Newcastle, or whoever the coach is, has an uncanny design sense, and his ability to place players on the field in new and interesting patterns really intrigues me.

Take the “game” against that team with the purple jerseys, for instance. Fantastic! Newcastle (or is it MacArthur?) had all of the players arranged across the playing field in this sort of post-fauvist construction that reminded me strongly of the later works of Matisse. Brilliant! And seeing the members of the other team run with abandon through the installation gave the whole design a dynamic life you just can’t get in a gallery.

And when they “played” the guys in the tan pants, I said to myself, ”Oh my God, this is sooo Kandinsky!” Chaos, but underneath that frenetic overlay of swarming and seemingly pointless motion, a deep sense of primal urgency… as if all the world had exploded in flame and the resulting layers of ash and twisted wreckage had combined to form a perfect symbol of the Void. Fabulous!

I think that was the game where they blew the field goal in overtime, wasn’t it?

I know there’s talk now of firing Newcastle (or maybe it’s Hawkings?) because he’s “losing” so many games, but what a loss that would be to the art world! I vote we change the title “Athletic Director” to “Art Director,” and stay the course… there’s just too much creative juice left in this organization to stop now!

Besides, I hear Christo is knitting pullovers for the entire team.