Air Canada Rules

Sep 13, 2010
Air Canada allows you to choose the movies you watch and has an "Avant Garde" category!

If you have a chance to watch Exit through the Gift Shop featuring Banksy and Shepard Fairey, don't let it pass you by. Asks interesting questions about authenticity and art but ultimately leaves you wondering if Banksy's pulling a fast one on you.

Speaking of hucksters, how do you think Dave managed to spill Mountain Dew in the Frenzy's WordPress template engine? What a mess! Does anyone know if nail polish remover is safe to use on your functions.php file? Anyone curious as to why I have nail polish remover close-at-hand?

On an entirely unrelated note, I was pleasantly surprised that the Chronicle of Higher Education ran an article about bikes in today's "Professor Hacker" blog. Okay, well, it's more about low-tech tools, but apparently Professor Hacker is a cyclist. Groovy.