Study Questions for "Reliving the Old Days"

Sep 10, 2010
Remember, big test on Monday, field trip Tuesday, and dry run for 420 Day on Wednesday. Got it?
1. When you read "Reliving the Old Days," did you want to cry? Why? 2. The author says "the road was mine." Is this a figure of speech, or does he really believe that? Do you think he has a receipt? How do you know it's a fake? 3. Break into two groups, one for "the tourists" and one for the author's ego. No, no, no... you'll need twice that many for Steven's ego... Okay, screw the tourists, you will ALL need to be Steven's ego. And you'll need more students from the classroom next door. 4. In the picture from the story, Steven appears to be wearing some sort of neck brace. Scholars have proposed that he was feigning an injury at the time in order to avoid another leadership meeting. Is this in keeping with his character as you know it? Well, duh is not an answer. Care to try again? DU