Study Questions for "Boxing Boulder, Take Two"

Sep 3, 2010
Remember: there are no right or wrong answers... though, unbelievably, you'll probably still get an "F."

1. When you read "Boxing Boulder, Take Two", it becomes apparent that Matthew has tried before to lure female riders "into the mix." Has he been successful? Why not? Please quit laughing. 2. What the hell does "into the mix" mean, anyway? Would you want to be in Matthew's "mix?" You look pale. Are you feeling ill? 3. Matthew has a ready excuse for being destroyed like a cheap plastic trinket by Greg. Is his excuse valid? Have you heard it before? How many times? (You can round off to the nearest hundred if you'd like.) 4. Some scholars believe Matthew Burton is a nom de plume for Gomer Pyle. Does this seem plausible? (Yes, that's correct; the Pope is Catholic.) 5. After writing this story, Matt went on to become an Air Force pilot. Does this worry you? Are you moving to Canada with the rest of us? DU