Julian's Sunday "Couch" Report

Aug 29, 2010

It was a bachelor weekend at the Bailey Ranch this weekend, and accordingly I sat around watching football and swilling beer. Julian completely forgot about the sitting around part of couch potato'ing:

It should be noted that my couch is composite carbon with a genuine leather cover, mine is made by Selle Italia. The pizza was being served by the folks at the aid stations. Today was of course the inaugural Deer Creek Challenge.

I was very disappointed to learn that the beer would only be available at the end of the ride. I believe I was misled—I genuinely thought this was a pub crawl.

The ride itself (the century) was 106 miles with 12,741 elevation climbed and is touted by the sponsors as the toughest century ride in the US. I think it might be the toughest purely due to the pizza—I saw almost as much of it on the side of the road as I did in the boxes!

It was an interesting ride for me because my Garmin decided to play tricks with me and fail to report elevation accurately. As a result I was under the impression I had almost 4k feet of climbing still to do right up until I hit about 90 miles and realized that reality was just not possible given the remaining mileage and course.

The event itself was very well run and I would recommend it!

Now back to the beer!

I shouldn't feel so bad about truly riding my couch this weekend. I mean, hey, I did go fetch the mail.