Cleared for Takeoff

Aug 5, 2010

DU will once again take to the airways with his trusty pal "Otto Pilot"

Yes, that's not a typo! Dave was cleared to ride this afternoon by his doctor (or that's what he told me...someone get Ronna on the horn!).

I have a 12:30p meeting, so I was thinking of heading out at 11:30p, meeting at HUMN. Hope you can join us for the sashay!

Linda's New Pal

Frenzy HQ would like to extend a warm welcome to Penny of Longmont

Congratulations to Linda, who adopted a new pooch recently. Penny is three years old and full of energy, like all of the Frenz.

Cheating News: Doping Comes to Bass Fishing

When they start cheating at bass fishing, it's not just the judges who get mad

MarkW sent this sad story along, in view of all the recent doping news. I suppose money is a real corrupting force in this world. Dave, has Zack ever stuffed a lure into a trout to impress Frenz?

Tour of Colorado!

Personally, I think the "Red Zinger Classic" had a better ring to it, but I'll settle for Quiznos Pro Challenge!

Many of you already heard the news, but Julian wanted us to know that the non-annual Tour de Frenz will now have competition from the annual (late August) Quiznos Pro Challenge. Can't wait to hear what the stages will be!