Frenzy Invited to PAC10 Rob's B-Day

Jun 10, 2010

Why would the PAC-10 willingly invite us?

In about an hour and a half, all hell will break loose. CU will join the PAC-10, followed by the real contenders in the Big-12, effectively dissolving the latter.

The real mystery, however, is why the Flagstaff Frenzy was invited in a separate deal. I mean, we don't have no stinkin' swim team?! Anyone have a spare speedo?

Happy Birthday, Rob!

About half-way through today's ride, I remembered what my calendar had tried to tell me all day: it's Rob's Birthday! Hope you had a great one, Rob!

Greg and I spun up to the Amphitheater today. It was nice to see Stauffer outside the office for the first time in a while. Too bad Dave was otherwise engaged.