Mechanical Dope

Jun 8, 2010
Though I'm a self-described dope, my latest invention has grabbed some people's attention

Like moths to a flame, Dave and I decided to ride a route that would take us past Boulder Creek. Bunch of rubberneckers we are!

Still, the ensuing ride up Sunshine was great. The road still looks nice and clean.

Flash Flood Warning on the Boulder Creek Path!

11:03a: I just received a reverse 911 call on my office phone that there is a Flash Flood Warning for Boulder Creek this afternoon. The water does seem quite high.

Consequently, the Boulder Creek Path is closed today.

Busted Bridge on Boulder Creek

From the looks of the video above, it sounds like the problem upstream could be severe. It is somewhere in the vicinity of the Red Lion Restaurant.

We've quickly removed all the priceless art from HQ, but if I worked down at the CC, I'd probably move my car from the lot...just in case.

I'm guessing we won't be riding Fourmile, Poorman, Betasso, or Magnolia today.