Heat-Induced Torpor

Jun 7, 2010
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Crq5yo1DC4&hl=en_US&fs=1&]
The Brecht Bureau has decided to delay the unveiling of the recently commissioned Underwood Memorial

Dave's going nuclear today, which means I'll be keeping a safe distance from him for the rest of the week, wearing my gamma suit for extra assurance.

This quick transition from 70s to 90s has a terrible effect on yours truly. I develop spot narcolepsy. Indeed, it struck twice this weekend while I was lying on my couch.

Torpor Report

Adriana and I picked up the slack in the wake of Dave's absence this afternoon, despite the 88°F temps and oppressive heat. I think my lungs are four shades darker too, for I could actually feel the pollution collecting in my throat.

The heat seems to have absconded with "Fleeting Falls" too—the seasonal falls one can see in Gregory Canyon from the flat stretch of Flag just below the Amphitheater Road junction.

Inane Ramblings

I was curious as to how IE6 users would be received on YouTube now that they've stopped supporting that flavor of Microsoft's browser. I think they did a good job of not outright kicking IE6 users out, suggesting instead that they upgrade to get the best experience. Your thoughts or opinions?