Early Bird Gets Frostbite, Study Finds

Apr 30, 2010

My cousin Mike Elliott's Knoxville deli was in the news recently! He's a great citizen of East K-ville.

Kind of a sad day today: the last day the Amphitheater Road is closed to the public; from here on out, it will be important to watch for distracted drivers...until next November 1 anyhow. Despite this sad fact, today's ride included a pleasant surprise.

Dave could only ride to Crown Rock, due to a 1pm meeting, so I soloed the "summit," where it was warm-ish and I basked in the sun for a minute or two. Then on the sunny descent, these big white flakes started flitting by, and I thought "They can't be snow flakes!" But they were. Surreal.

From the Morning

Interesting article from AIGA comparing the "mutability" of the book to the iPad.