Hey Fancypants, I Want My Tapes Back!

Apr 23, 2010

Like this sweater? Two words: WalMart!

Hey Steve, it's me, Suzie Radcliffe. I talked to Earl Barnes yesterday and he told me he'd found you here on the Flagstaff Frenzy. Sure as heck, he was right: same old smile, same old shirt! But oh my God, how you have fallen from grace! We knew life was going to deal you a bad hand, what with your looks and all, but my goodness, we never thought it would come to this! My grandson helped me poke around your Internet thingamajig a bit, and, frankly, it made even this old farm gal blush! Mercy me, you might just as well be out selling adult books! And the way you talk to that poor Mr. Underwood! Why, I'll just bet he's a very nice man in real life. Shame on you! Sorry if I'm being a bit too hard one one of the nicest guys I ever dated, but I'm just a little shocked. I should make allowances, I guess, given your childhood and that awful, awful experience with the French prison system... And if I'm doing the math right, you're probably still nursing God's-own hangover from your little one-man birthday party yesterday. So I apologize for being such a mean old badger. There is one thing, though, that's sort of nagging at me. I want my tapes back. I do hope you haven't sold them to buy more bandwidth for your little "hobby" because I'd give anything to hear "Ballad of the Green Berets" right about now. My lumbago is killing me and hearing Barry Sadler singing that beautiful song would sure cheer me up. Might even bring back some old memories, wink, wink.... like parking down by the peat bog... and cuddling... and looking up at the stars together and hearing you say, "I wonder if CSS will ever handle rotated text." Lordy, you could be so darned romantic sometimes. Let me know if you need help covering the shipping costs. I'll understand. Suz (DU and Dr. Z are leaving from ATLAS at 12:15 today)

The Voice of Reason Returns

The public school system fails many a Minnesotan like Mark.

Greetings from the verdant, soggy hills of the Pacific Northwest! There's light rain here today, but things are green and coming into bloom....wait, I'm back in Boulder!

Seems climate isn't the only thing that's backwards on this fair blog either.

I'm not sure if I should be alarmed or ecstatic that my boss had no idea where I've been for the past few days. I suppose I should give him some credit; after all, he knew it was one of those 'V' towns in Canada.

With that description, I'm sure Dudley Do-Right would've eventually found me.

The "logo" of the conference I "attended" in Victoria, BC

Ultimately, it's a good thing he doesn't keep track of my movements or question the fake letterhead and logos.