Friday Capture the Flag Report

Apr 16, 2010
Now and then, Frenzy smack hits a when I gave DU a Frenz Nudge. Sour puss.

Can't put away the vests, arm warmers, and long-sleeve gear yet. It was chilly out there today, especially compared to the rest of the week.

We've been savoring these last few days of a closed Amphitheater Road—closed to cars, that is. Soon, the summit of Flag will be overrun and consequently 100% more dangerous. Opening day is May 1.

Until then we'll continue to enjoy the smell of pine, as well as the snowbank holdouts (there are still a couple at the top). It's a lovely time of year.

My brother shared a picture of his second anniversary with us recently. Their first few years were trying times for Diana. Lucky for him, she rode out the rough seas (and brought a warm sleeping bag on camping trips).