Super-Flag Tune-Up Ride Report

Apr 12, 2010

Coming Soon: Frenzy tee v2.0 (the black text will either be blue or green, and the shirt will be gray).

Father Time kept us from putting the "super" in Flagstaff today. But such prefix privations do little to dampen our spirits.

It was cooler than expected at the start, so both of us did our respective about-faces in order to grab an extra layer for the descent.

As is always the case, however, we warmed quickly on Baseline, and by Gregory Canyon we were like steamed lobsters (with rubber bands around our claws).

No rubber bands on Dave's freshly tuned bike, though. Indeed, a big "thank you" to Eric for neutralizing that squeaking noise. I think it was actually Dave's knees, not the old crankset.

Looks like Zack is showing up the old man at Colorado State! But Dave was published on the Frenzy recently, so touché, Zack!