The Real Tahoe Trip, Part Deux

Mar 3, 2010
We were surprised to see Dave at Lake Tahoe. That guy gets around.

What a great trip! We skied everyday, as the blisters on Adriana's heels will attest.

I crashed 3 out of 4 days, with the last being my best. Suffice it to say that corn snow, short-sleeves, and high speeds produce basketball-floor-sliding-type scars.

Ride Report

Today marked the first sleeveless, pant-less, and hat-less day in 2010. Okay, you got me, I did wear shorts.

Indeed, those pasty white twigs I call legs need bronzin'—gotta catch up with the ski-tanned brick I call a face.

Dave and Gunthernator were bipedal this afternoon. Wonder where they got off to?