Tahoe X-C Report, Part Two

Mar 2, 2010

I'm really thrilled with my new Gore-Tex® mawashi. It breathes in all the right places!

Hey Guys! I'm loving it out here in Tahoe!

This morning, the breakfast buffet at the Drifter's Lodge had those giant Belgian waffles, the ones with all the little wells filled with butter and brown sugar. Mmmm... I had about six or so of the buggers - with whipped cream and strawberry jam - even though I was still kind of stuffed from the All-U-Can-Eat rib special at Smitty's last night.

Man, Smitty's really rocks! Their ribs were served Southern Style, on a board with a cleaver and these bigass onion rings. The waiters told me I broke the house record for refills, but, hey!, who cares... I'm on vacation, right? I'm going back there tonight because they're doing a prawn-taco thing with home fries and cajun groat clusters. If I go easy on pizza at lunch later this afternoon, I should be able to singlehandedly bankrupt the place, hey hey.

Well, I gotta' run; I think I hear the ice cream cart coming up the alley. Think I could use a little Rocky Road to hold me over.

See ya' soon. Let's all do lunch when I get back!


I hear DU is riding Flag after his meeting this afternoon. Someone should keep the poor schmuck company; 2-2672