Spring Fever Report

Feb 23, 2010

Looking at Old Speck from Mahoosuc Arm. This is what I miss about Northern New England.

The film negative and slide scanner I bought this past weekend has me on a scanning tear. It's made me a touch nostalgic.

What I've always found haunting yet magical about krummholtz (the small conifers one finds in alpine zones) is that they're at a human scale and thus seem sentient.

With the exception of the usual suspects, most sections of Flagstaff Road were in spectacular condition (for this time of year). Translation: there's still a hefty serving of sand but the lower section of tarmac is nearly ice free.

Missed my buddy Dave, tho. Poor guy's being tested like Job. His solution is compartmentalization, which largely boils down to riding hard uphill as often as possible. Good luck, bud!