More Shameless Bragging about Frenz

Feb 22, 2010

My bags are already packed to "support" my wife. All part of my master plan....

Dave and his traveling band are not the only Frenz making waves of late. Adriana's been racking up honors left and right.

Shortly before successfully defending her Masters thesis, she found out she had been accepted to the prestigious Think Swiss Climate Summer School taking place in Grindelwald, Switzerland. And yes, I'm planning on going for "support."

More recently, Adriana and the Gunthenator won the Year of Science's mini-zine award! Adriana's considering going after some NASA funding to take the magazine one step further.

Bravo, Adriana! Who shall I brag about next? I've got nothing.

As a total aside, if you have another second to waste, have a look at the Boulder Creek Webcam, which is mounted on the public library building if I'm not mistaken. Talk about icicles!