Duel Cruel Ride Report

Feb 19, 2010

Some like it hot. Not us.

Conditions were perfect this afternoon, if your idea of perfection includes hypothermic shock: 22.8F at the Mesa Lab and overcast with light snow.

I had dressed lightly, thinking I'd ride "the truck" to Gregory Canyon, lock up, and run the rest of the way. But no, I let Underwood hoodwink me into riding the whole way.

Good times! It was fun to see icicles on the rocks. Dave's brakes were like gelato dispensers, so kudos to him for keeping the crank-arm turning. It was a feat of something or other.

Time to go shiver under some wool blankets. Gammon says it's been in the 50s in Orlando. I don't feel bad for him, though; after all, he's pimped out his parents golf cart.

Have a great weekend, y'all!