Bailey Returns, the Experts Decamp

Feb 10, 2010
venn Figure 4. Freewheel, the Frenzy guard dog, reacts to SB's homecoming

Well, things are pretty much back to normal here at Frenzy HQ. The efficiency experts have pulled up stakes and moved on. SB is out back shoveling the path to the transmitter, and I'm sweeping the reception area in the unlikely event that we'll have a customer today. Not that that'll happen. One thing the MIDOL folks have left us with - other than a whopping invoice and a bunch of bright pink, branded schwag - is the certain sense that the Frenzy has grounded hard on the shoals and is going down fast. I'd hoped the experts might show us a clear way out of this mess, but when they all ran screaming from the room yesterday, I started to understand. All's not lost, though. I've been toying w/ the idea of starting a blog of my own one of these days (working title: "Guilt Without Sex"... or something along those lines), and I know SB is anxious to get back to his noon Sumo classes over at the Rec Center, so here we go... a fresh start never hurt anyone. By the way, if you'd like a groovy MIDOL mousepad, come on by... we've got scads of them. I think Sunshine should be dry today. Wanna' go? 2-2672 DU