Aiming at the Wrong Target with Flaccid Arrows

Feb 9, 2010
venn Figure 3. Venn diagram showing the close relationship between the Flagstaff Frenzy and some other stuff

Yesterday we told you we would look at several ways in which we might bring the Frenzy back from the brink. Well, we lied. The fact is, it's hopeless. You'd be better off climbing onto the hood of a 2007 Prius on I-70 than you would sticking around this joint. After going through every last byte of small-bore piffle in the Frenzy archives and interviewing (both) Frenzy readers worldwide, our visiting consultants have turned in their resignations and left town. All is not lost however. The beauty of the MIDOL process is that, even if left unfinished, the charts, tables, acronyms, and free stuff like pens and tote bags that bob merrily in its wake are of great organizational value. Figure 3, shown above, for example, is a case in point. Even though we here in the Frenzy trenches have no idea what the hell it means, we feel certain that it's something we can act assertively upon and possibly even present at our yearly Frenzy retreat in Brighton. I can't wait, by the way, until SB returns and I can show him the cool new mouse pads. Anything to cheer the lad up. (Flagstaff was great fun yesterday, but today it'll probably be too sloppy. I'll likely bike/hike the Four Pines trail; 2-2672 if that strikes you) DU