The Frenzy Turns Its Head and Coughs

Feb 5, 2010
mcescher Figure 1. Frenzy Lifecycle, as originally envisioned by the Founding Fathers

Am I the only one to notice the grotesque sunsetting of this organization in recent months? What once was a lively and vital sounding board of ideas and opinions has settled into the mucky pondbottom of French Existentialist writing and rancid literary meringue. Albert Camus? Jack London? Discussions of good design practices? Seemingly innocent enough at first blush, these pernicious and creeping viruses are the harbingers of doom, the DEW line across which a good blog goes bad. Not one to passively sit and watch disasters-in-the-making, I've decided to get assertive while SB makes his annual, court-ordered pilgrimage to the clinic in Florida. It's time to take a stand. And knowing how advanced the Frenzy problem has become, I've brought in hired guns from the outside. Using an investigative process known as Managing Information Dependent on Lunatics (MIDOL), this consulting group will study the history of the Frenzy, the Frenzy as we know it today, and the Frenzy as it must appear in order to survive into the future. This process may be painful. Feelings may be hurt. There may even be layoffs. But taking effective steps to salvage organizations in severe decline requires a mix of tough decision-making and singular vision. In the next few days, we'll be examining closely what the Frenzy was, is, and must become. (I'll be riding east today, looking for some good spinning. Buzz me if you'd like to come out and play. 2-2672) DU