Dear Dave

Jan 27, 2010

Sean was in the Colorado Daily yesterday. No one knows what he was plotting.

I take the above caption back. Dave knows what he was plotting.

Earlier this week, my former Mount Washington Observatory colleagues emailed with some sad news: the 231mph record has fallen. It was bound to happen.

Once again, I can't ride today. It's been about a week. Sorry. Dave's raring to go, though. Coordinate with him.

Shameless Self-Promotion, Dave-Style


Just when 2010 was starting to look a little rosier... word now comes that the Blues Ambassadors will be playing the Jamestown Mercantile this Thursday, January 28th at 7 PM.

We'd hoped this wouldn't happen, but sometimes tragedies of this nature just can't be avoided.

You can get details of the gig and warnings of future BA's activities at their fabulous website.

Sending prayers (and hoping to see ya' tomorrow night!),


Do they have one of those protective, chicken-wire cages there, Dave?