Seething Tropical Hell Report

Jan 14, 2010
pure hell Excuse me, but can you direct us to the elevators down to the Entertainment Deck?

We had nigh-on a perfect visit to the Virgin Islands. One rotten little incident, though, dug it's claws into our otherwise flawless vacation: As we gybed across Drake Passage under Tortola's lee, Bonnie, the First Mate on the all-wood schooner Heron, slipped on a bit of wet teak and knocked over Kacey's rum punch. She (Kacey) had just been delighting the crew with her new-found talent of lighting burps (this rum was very high proof). Also, I think it may have permanently stained my new Patagonia shorts.

Took us a day or so to shake the funk.

Other than that, things went pretty damn well.

Anxious to see you guys


Steve Gets Bumped

Wonder if Underwood will bump me from my slot when he gets back

Leno's back. Unfortunately, I didn't get out for a ride.