Quake News (Flagstaff Flats Report)

Jan 13, 2010

Greg was kind enough to keep me company on today's ride up Flagstaff. Fortunately for him, my company only lasted until just before the first turnout.

That's right: flat tire! I told Greg to go ahead while I changed the tire (I don't like to bring down everyone else's ride). And I managed to make a fairly quick change.

Continued up, saw Greg on his way down, wished him well, rode up to the steep hairpin, where I looked at my watch and saw I had been out for 45 minutes. Turnaround time.

I was actually thinking how lucky I was getting a flat on a day like today: nearly 60F, no precip, no wind.

Then, as I was descending near the lowest hairpin, I heard that dreaded fizzling noise again. Flat numero dos!

Out of spare tubes, I had a choice: walk or ride the bike and risk ruining my rim. I chose both.

I walk-rode the bike down to Full Cycle, thinking I could pick up a new tire and have them check the rim. But, alas, they were closed—or at least their door was locked at 1:30p on a Wednesday.

All in all, I still think I'm lucky that this happened on a warm, sunny day.

Morning Yammering

Sounds like the earthquake near Port-au-Prince did not affect the Virgin Islands, so the Underwoods are hopefully okay. I really feel for the folks in Haiti, though.

Best wishes go out to Julian as well. Apparently he had a rather unfortuante rendezvous with black ice yesterday and has a raspberry or two today. Hope you're doing better, Julian!