De-Xmasing (Sunshine Report)

Jan 12, 2010
Herr Doktor Werner liked the title of this movie and thought it was Frenzy-appropriate

Two announcements before today's report.

First, I encourage you all to rock the vote, and help Barbie choose her next career as a computer engineer!

Secondly, I tried to cajole iSean into riding this afternoon, but he revealed he only ventures outside when Obama is wearing shorts. Sean, I'll have you know I ran this by my cronies at NIST, and they determined that this "Obamameter" is improperly calibrated. Today was in fact "Obama shorts weather."

And Now for Today's Report

Wow, it's warm out there. Rob joined me on this afternoon's ride, where we pointed our front wheels at Sunshine Canyon and pedaled out of the slush-ice and into the sun.

Indeed, the "canyon" lived up to its name, showering us with sunlight once we emerged from the dreaded icebox.

As it turned out, the icebox's bark was worse than its bite, and we managed to get down slowly although safely.

Thanks, Rob!

From This Morning

We finally took the ornaments off the tree last night, then snipped the branches and tossed them in the fire. Does the latter act make me a bad person...kind of a retroactive-Grinch?

Happy Birthday, Scott!

It's my brother's birthday today! I heard San Diego had 70F temps recently, so hopefully he'll be able to get out for a spin on his freshly tuned Scattante. I'll be thinking of you, bud!