This Just In Report

Jan 11, 2010
Dave wanted us all to know "it's rough down here" in the Virgin Islands

Since Dave's been gone, it's been a lot of solo flying of late. Today, that all changed!

That's right, the surging thermometer brought out some of our estival Frenz, who've been in a sort of mental torpor for the past few months—some might argue longer.

CORRECTION: The mental torpor is a normal state. The word I was looking for was "hibernation," according to Greg.

Seriously, though, it was great to have some company on the sandy slopes of Flagstaff. The descents aren't what they are in summer, but at least the climbs hurt the same.

Thanks, Greg!

From the Morning

Received a telegram from Dave on the old Frenzy-gram down in HQ. Here's what it said:

Sorry for the dearth of reportage « full stop »

All's well, but we're w-a-y off the grid down here « full stop »

Having a blast « full stop »

Knowing all's well with Dave, I suppose we should ride his favorite ride at lunch. Gather at noon-fifteen @ HUMN.