Reliving the Old Days (Super-Flag Report)

Dec 30, 2009

My former-colleague and pal Jeff Smith just sent me some old pix from my USFS days. Now I'm nostalgic.

That was cold. Temps at the Mesa Lab were hovering around 26F, but conditions were surprisingly dry.

Four "feeder" streets leading to Baseline are "open" to non-studded tires. I chose to ride up 16th and down 9th, but 6th and 13th are ice-free too.

Everything else is dry with the expected amount of sand for this time of year. It's good all the way up to the top of Super-Flag, save for one or two icy spots in the last hairpin.

I saw a few mountain bikes below the Flagstaff House (on their way down), and one guy heading up at the 'S' curves as I was heading down; otherwise, the road was mine...

Except for all the tourists, of course. Two cars stopped to cheer me on. One person told me "You're amazing." I wish I had some clever reply but I was fighting to keep down the footlong VeggieMax sub and three chocolate chip cookies I inhaled 20 minutes prior to riding.

Oh, and my prediction from yesterday (that my legs would be woefully sore) was dead on!