You Can't Stop What's Comin' Report

Dec 22, 2009

Ethereal track from Casino Versus Japan

Despite the brewing storm, which is actually more "stewing" at the moment, Dave and I headed up Flagstaff this afternoon. No sign of iSean, but we did see Julian screaming up on his mountain bike!

Word on the street is that iSean has a bum-knee—the result of some serious pedaling in Australia, according to his doctors. I have another theory: Irukandji!

Speaking of the ocean, I let Dave know about an interesting documentary I watched on Netflix last night. It's called Deep Water.

Anyhow, Dave and I savored the dry conditions one last time, for it sounds like it'll be cold in the days following the snow, meaning the roads will be icy.

It's okay, though. That's why they invented YakTrax.