Don't Let Greg Down Report

Dec 17, 2009
Though not a whiskey fan, I am a fan of this Jack Daniels commercial. Lots of lovely fleurons!

No worries, Greg. The only thing let down today was Dave's rear tire.

Yeah, poor guy had another flat right from the start. He's a good sport though, as you guys well know. He rode to Chautauqua with me, then tried to patch things up while encouraging me to "catch that guy ahead."

The guy ahead turned out to be a nice dude from Georgia, who recounted his personal battle with the infamous wall on Brasstown Bald. Sounded fun.

At the first hairpin, I decided to go back and check on Dave to see if he was headed up by now. No sir-ee!

Like the cold-blooded animal he is, Dave was soaking up the sun on a rock. He had forgotten his bike tools, despite having a new saddlebag.

So, we packed it in and headed for campus, picking our way down the mostly navigable side streets connecting our ivory tower with the verdant foothills.