Testing the (Non-Existent Frozen) Waters Report

Dec 14, 2009

My fears were completely unfounded.

Flagstaff was as dry as the bar at a Mormon wedding. Heck, the sandpits weren't even that bad.

I could tell things were cooling off over the course of the ride, though. The northwesterlies I faced this morning have made up their mind and become full-on westerlies, which provided a cold slap in the face on the ascent.

Really, not much different than chit-chatting with Dave.

Speaking of whom, I was privileged to accompany my good buddy up to the University of Colorado's Mountain Research Station last Friday for a day of strategic planning.

The Academic Technology Unit doing strategic planning for AY 2010 at CU's Mountain Research Station

We had a great time chewing the fat over breakfast and talking about life's finer points on the drive up. Unfortunately, we toted up our skis for naught, as the snow was a crusty mess of powder and dirt.

Oh well. Thanks for the good company, Dave!