Once in a Blue Moon Report

Dec 1, 2009

There's been talk of E.T. returning to the Tour de France as part of team Reese's Pieces

Welcome to December, Frenz. This is a special month in the heavens, as we'll have not just one but two full moons! The second full moon is technically a "blue moon" and occurs only once every two or three years.

If we get some good snow, it'll be a good night to ski and camp. Oh, and there'll probably be a beer or two chilling in a snowbank.

No sharp drops in temperature during today's ride, but it was certainly cooler than this morning when I rode in.

Managed to make it up to the Amphitheater Road but not all the way to the Amphitheater itself. Meetings....

Unfortunately, my partner-in-crime Dave was torpedoed by a meeting with a student. Did they even show, Dave?