NASCAR Driver As "Athlete" of the Year? Report

Nov 24, 2009

The new face of athletics: say hello to the modern American athlete

It's a sad day in sports.

How many of you want your kids to grow up thinking driving a car is an athletic endeavor? There's an article in Yahoo News that may interest you, then.

I was compelled to leave a comment.

Ride Report

Adriana joined Dave and me on Sunshine Canyon this afternoon. Yay!

Another "cycling tutorial" from Brian

Things didn't start well, though. As I came down the HUMN steps, I realized I had a flat. Instead of taking the time to fix it, I grabbed the truck, threw my down jacket in the back (might as well go in style), and followed the roadies off campus.

Adriana and Dave were flying up Sunshine, so I took Timber Trail for some added fun. At Poorman, we did an about-face, but Dave and I decided to go down Timber Trail. It was a hoot!