Sunshine Sashay Report

Nov 20, 2009

If you find yourself in NH this evening, watch my dad play some folk music at The Grange

Since Dave had a 1pm meeting, he asked if we could move up our start time by half an hour. I happily obliged—and updated the blog accordingly—but sorry if you were waiting for us at 12:10p.

Anyhow, we really did sashay this afternoon, chewing the fat up to Seven Hills Road, whereupon we turned around and headed home.

The Sunshine "icebox" is living up to its reputation, sporting a thin patina of black ice that made me ultra nervous on the descent, mostly because I'm still gun-shy from my spinout the other evening.

Happy Birthday, Deb!

If you see Deb today, you might want to wish her a Happy Birthday! Officially, her big day is Monday, but she'll be out of town, so get your shots in while you can.

This Just in...

Brian, our own fixie cyclocross hero, passed this along. Thanks, Brian!

I think I've heard these guys on the "WB" radio channel in my car

Great Friday fare, Brian! I need to break out my tight jeans.

And This Just in from Mark

Apparently, Mark has returned from his retreat in Snowmass. He passed along this 9News video featuring the monastery:

Mark has been spending his time in quiet contemplation

We look forward to having our zen master back. Please, no jedi mind tricks on us, though, Mark.