Reaction to "Flagstaff Delayed Reaction"

Nov 16, 2009

Was rockin' out in my car, minding my own business last night...darn cellphone cameras!

Just as Dave and I reached the Amphitheater Road parking lot and were saying "It was nice not to see anyone today" along comes Julian who had just ridden Super-Flag. Out-classed, what can I say?!

Anyhow, today was one of those days that you expect to be horribly treacherous. In reality, however, the spots we call "the known offenders" weren't so, even the dreaded "ice box."

There were a few icy spots, but we've got a strategy for negotiating them: just let bygones be bygones and team up with your usual nemesis, the sand, in order to tiptoe down safely.

The hands were chilly after braking on the descent, but it was nothing a little hot coffee and soup couldn't mend.

From This Morning

Sean is probably somewhere over the Pacific now, with only about 8hrs of flying left. He departed at 6p yesterday. Continued safe travels, Sean!

In other news, my mom sent me an interesting story about what those crafty Norwegians are doing to preserve seeds against catastrophes. Naturally, I was more fascinated by their bunker designs and remote locale than preserving seeds.

New Frenzy HQ?

The vault is located 400 feet under the permafrost surface of a sandstone mountain, which should enable it to survive both earthquakes and bomb blasts. The vault may be full of envelopes of seeds rather than precious metals, but that doesn’t mean security is lax. Supposedly no single person knows all the codes necessary to gain entrance to the vault. The vault has an array of sophisticated cooling equipment to keep the seeds at -0.4 degrees Fahrenheit, but since the surrounding soil is so cold, even if these artificial measures fail the seeds should remain relatively safe.

This sounds more and more like Frenzy HQ, only I think we need to dig deeper...for security reasons of course.

Didn't Austin Powers, in a sense, try to preserve seeds this way?