Backwards Alley Poorman Loop Report

Nov 12, 2009

Any guesses as to whose bike this is?

How can any ride compete with Julian's of yesterday?

It can't.

Though the above picture more than suffices as a "report," Julian filed this pithy ride summary in true Frenzy smack-spirit:

I extended my lunch deciding that a 'real' ride to celebrate the weather should include riding until the snow prevented further elevation gain. Just so you know my off season isn't totally slack!

Somehow, Julian, I don't think anyone would ever categorize your rides as "slack."

But I do have one question, Mr. Kinsman: Are you a camel? I notice you appear to have only drunk half of one bottle! All the more impressive.

Today's Report

In spite of gusty winds, Dave, Kevin, and I braved Boulder Canyon and were rewarded with a peaceful climb up Fourmile Canyon and Poorman Road.

Not to be outdone, Dave rode to Cape Cod this afternoon

Picking up the gauntlet that Julian threw down, Dave dropped me off at Humanities and rode over to Cape Cod on his old Wheeler ("to make things less slack").