Early Flagstaff Spin Report

Nov 11, 2009

I'm sure we've seen Rodney Stanger on the side of Flagstaff Road!

Unreal. Is it November?

Wonderful weather this afternoon—even the sandpits lining the hairpins weren't so bad. After a chilly commute to work, I showed up overdressed for sure.

Anyhow, Dave, Greg, and I noodled up at an amicable pace, and despite the efforts of unfriendly fellow cyclists bent on souring everyone's mood, our spirits lifted at every turn.

In unrelated news, I just found out, after buying more storage from them, that Google has upped their limits; in fact, they did so the day after I bought more space for my personal Picasa account.

Not to worry, however, as they honored the new limits on existing accounts. So, instead of getting 10GB for $20/year, I'm getting 80GB (+1GB included with the free account). Heck, I could upload all my raw files and still not tickle 3% of my capacity.

Steve's got mad Google storage

They haven't upped free account storage either (still 1GB), so it's not like I'm wasting those $20. I wonder what this portends, however, as there's talk of a forthcoming service called GDrive.