Poorman Loop Report

Nov 9, 2009

Yesterday, a few of the Frenz expressed criminal intentions

It was a little brisk for shorts, but in the end it was good motivation for spinning, which is exactly what I did this afternoon.

Dave is probably stepping out the door as we speak. He's been bridled with meetings and talks, poor guy. Still, I secretly enjoy this time of year (when Dave's business ramps up and mine calms down). Schadenfreude?

Anyhow, the dirt on Boulder County's roads is still as hard as packed clay, kinda like Roland-Garros without the meth-man Agassi. Coupled with the comfortable temps, you can't ask for better riding.

Plumbing Report

Over the past week and a half, I've been cleaning the pipes of this run-down shack. The broken links, missing photos and videos, and generalized chaos are no more—all except for the comments, which were chaotic anyway.

Moreover, the Bios, Routes, Gallery, and Videos pages are, insofar as I can tell, up-to-date, with the exception of iSean's forthcoming bio.

But, there's always a chance I've missed something. If, during your regular visits to the Frenzy archives [chuckle], you espy some errata or notice there's a gallery missing for which you have photos, please let me know.

After all, we're all about accuracy here at HQ.