Northwest Passage (and Linden Loop) Ride Report

Nov 5, 2009

Now there's no excuse! An HD helmet cam for only $279?!

What can I say? When it's 75F in early November, I'm happy to be outdoors. In truth, if it's just not rainy and 33F in November, I'm happy!

As I rolled out from campus (solo), I took a peek at Rob's car to make sure it hadn't been towed. He's in New Zealand, you see, and asked if I could keep an eye on it. A-OK, Rob!

The ride down 19th was unusually quiet. I didn't have to try to explain to motorists that "Dave just chases cars out of instinct. Sorry, I forgot his leash." And the usual excuses.

Yarmouth is now in great shape—the section near the new Holiday homes. Repaved with ample room for bikes.

Wagonwheel Gap Road, the Northwest Passage on-ramp, was also lovely. As a secluded little hollow, it's still rife with snow and thus refreshing air.

I decided to top off Northwest Passage with the upper lariat of Linden Loop, just to make sure my quads remembered the day.

On the final section of University, the winds picked up all of a sudden. Is something blowing in?

Hey, Dave: hope you enjoyed that pedicure. Did the trench foot clear up?