Sunshine Canyon Reverse Back Alley Report

Nov 3, 2009

French commercials are a little more risqué (courtesy of Ingrida, my mother-in-law)

Dave and I decided to do a fun ride today; after all, you have to keep things interesting during the oft'-foul-weather-maintenance phase of the year.

And interesting it was!

It all started with a poor dog who had undoubtedly escaped from a frat house nearly getting hit by a car right before our eyes. Fortunately, I was able to yell to the woman driving the car to stop just in time. After that, however, I don't know how that pooch fared...he was weaving in and out of the road.

Some Freds just shouldn't keep pets!

Next, as we were climbing the steepest section of Sunshine, we saw some poor tractor-trailer driver break down right in the blind, 25% corner. OUCH!

To top it all off, we saw someone getting carted off in an ambulance on 4th Avenue.

We began to wonder if we should call ourselves "The Angels of Death," but when we saw that no harm befell the guy fixing the company wood-chipper on 4th Ave, we figured everything else was just a coincidence.


Or is that why no one rides with us anymore?

Anyhow, Reverse Back Alley is a hoot, especially when the dirt sections are tacky "Texas Tarmac."