Bow Mountain Ride Report

Oct 22, 2009

Anyone seen my fletcher kit?

Dave joined me on today's revival ride. No, no tents involved, just dusting off an old route.

A few things have changed on Bow Mountain too: new homes, more "private road" signage, and lots of traffic. What do all these McMansion owners do?

In any event, we were glad not to see a "private road" sign at the tippy top, where Greg impressed us all by climbing the strip of Roubaix Rubble, aka "Stauffer Way."

Otherwise, the familiar winter sandtraps are forming on the roads again—the result of all the sanding from these early season storms. You just have to pick your lines more carefully, that's all.

Greg, I was thinking about actually doing that "narrow road" ride from Sunshine Canyon to Lefthand Canyon over Fall Break (when the students and faculty are away). Can you spare two hours?

Other takers? Will likely entail a mountain bike.