Icebreaker (Reverse Poorman) Ride Report

Oct 14, 2009

Ernest Shackleton knew something about leadership; for him, it wasn't about any systematized process

While we didn't hit the planned Northwest Passage route, we did hit dirt: a reverse ride of Poorman Loop. To add to the fun, I tacked on Timber Trail and 7 Hills Drive while Dave noodled up Sunshine Canyon. It was fun looking down on him, as I always do.

As Dave will attest, the dirt was in prime condition: not too soft or muddy, not too dusty, and certainly not too icy. In his words, it was "Texas tarmac" which I took to mean "like caliche" (although knowing Dave, it could've been a reference to some experimental drug from the 60s).

Indeed, it would've been fun to visit Gold Hill today, as I think that was probably where the sunshine and warm temps would've given way to snow. Nothing like a cup of coffee at their classic Western general store.

Really quite a study in microclimates out there. It was 5° warmer up by the hospital on Sunshine Drive than it was on campus.

The winds have picked up, though, so the ride home will be fun as always.