Super Flag Report

Oct 12, 2009

Coming soon to a roadway near you! What are you wearing?

The tardiness of this report is due to the fact that my fingers have only just thawed out from the ride. Sorry for those of you hitting "Refresh" every five seconds waiting for an update. We mean you no disrespect here at HQ.

Anyhow, Dave and I pointed the front tires in the direction of Flagstaff on this fog-cloaked, snow-coated day. And what a fine one it was!

Though only about 32°F at the start, it was all we could do to avoid sweating. I was down to my jersey and long pants. Dave was in his turquoise thong, which really is his best one.

There were a few icy patches near the summit in the usual spots. But everything else was either dry, wet, sandy, or muddy. Nothing boring.

The coolest find of the day went to DU himself. He espied these amazing dendrite crystals at the tips of the summit pines. Really unique. Camera next time!