Sunshine Canyon Report

Oct 9, 2009

Adriana tackled her last of the 48 four-thousand footers in NH while we were back home

It was muddy, muddy on Timber Lane, so Dave and I figured Poorman would be greasy. In the interest of our own safety, we thus stuck to Sunshine Canyon Drive, marveling at the gathering storm clouds!

This Morning

I miss Dave. We haven't ridden together once this week.

I've been suffering from all the tell-tale symptoms: a feeling of euphoria, as though a wet wool blanket has been lifted off my shoulders; a sense of optimism about the world and my future; and the sudden return of my olfactory senses—roses no longer smell of packaged bologna.

Hopefully we can rejoin forces on the slopes of Sunshine Canyon today. Gather at Humanities @ 11:30a.