Flagstaff Ride Report

Sep 22, 2009

This is Dave's brain...this is Dave's brain on drugs. Scientists have failed to find a difference.

No, seriously, Mark passed along an article entitled Dead Fish Lights Up When Shown Pictures of Humans recently. In all honesty, I wasn't surprised. Dave's brain has given false positives for the past five years.

Ride Report

Ah, what a day! Dave, you would've loved it: overcast, slightly humid but not rainy, and snow falling just off in the distance at the summit. There was a light rain/sleet on the descent but no snow, unfortunately. I've begun dreaming about groomed nordic tracks!

Indeed, it was a splendid ride. The faces I saw on the way up and down were the same familiar faces one sees year-round, particularly in the winter months when the snow-birds spin on their trainers.

Kindred spirits!

Speaking of which, send positive thoughts to Adriana this afternoon, as she's slated to have a root canal. Do you think she'll be in a good mood when I pick her up?