Winning the War on Germs

Sep 17, 2009

Wash those hands often and join your fellow citizens in victory over illness!

The University has asked that we keep our sniffles to ourselves this flu season, and SB, ever the good soldier, is doing just that. He'll be self-quarantining today, valiantly limiting himself to a strict regimen of Oprah, Oreos, and Odell's. Lets all offer him thanks with a moment of silence.

There... thank you, Steve.

Today I'll be doing what I always do when nursing a serious injury; turning myself over to my personal demon and trainer, the Gunthenator. She claims my incessant whining is nothing more than self-fulfilling prophecy, and that a little jaunt up 4 Pines should cure what ails me. Yowser.

Back on wheels soon,