Every Cyclist for Herself! Flag Report

Aug 28, 2009
fail owned pwned pictures
Dave sent me this strange greeting card via FailBlog; what do you think I should do?

Thanks to Rob for getting me out, however briefly, today. At least we made it to the flat section after boat ramp and enjoyed the crystal-clear conditions! Muchos gracias, Roberto!

With DU gone, our readership is probably back to 0. Lemme check the Google Analytic stats and confirm.

Meantime, it's the Friday of the first week of classes, which means it's bombard Steve day for A&H faculty.

Yes, the dearth of Friday classes, combined with the fact that it's week one of the semester, means all those questions faculty have stored up over the course of the week come raining down on yours truly.

A Sampler
  • My iPhone Keynote Remote app works at home but not on campus. Why?
  • Some of my students don't see the WordPress.Com toolbar. Why?
  • Do you have time to help me export/import four blogs today?
  • Can you help our Japanese class publish student videos on the class blog?
  • I think CULearn is making my personal calendar entries public. Can you help?

These are all questions that arrived via email between 7p yesterday and 8a today. Now it's off to help someone learn how to open CSVs with Excel and then to teach Spanish TAs how to use CULearn.

My normal course of action, referring all emails and phone calls to DU, has been foiled by DU's sudden disappearing act. That hoser's AWOL!

Mark, next time, please be sure DU's here for the first five weeks of the semester. Sound good?